See, I Told You So…

I knew she was cooking supper, delectable, with only my pleasure in mind, but I pushed it away, my appetite quashed by my preoccupation with all the times I failed to appreciate her.

She told me about her day, every detail, all animated and smiling but I couldn’t hear it, feeling too guilty for all those times I didn’t listen.

She was interested in how my day went and peppered me with questions – not understanding that I couldn’t answer or engage because I knew she was no longer interested in me.

She came to sit and put her arms around me but I couldn’t accept her affection, too full of remorse for all the times I pushed her away.

She wanted to make love but I was too busy lamenting our loss of intimacy and that she no longer found me attractive.

She loved me but I couldn’t accept it because I knew I was unlovable.

She forgave me but I couldn’t believe it because I knew I was unforgivable.

She left me, proving that my intuitions were right all along.

3 thoughts on “See, I Told You So…

    1. Sort of – It’s actually a comedic piece, if you read it carefully. At least that’s how I see it. Perhaps a “self-fulfilling prophecy” retroactively?

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